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Author : Carl Beaulieu, historian
Publishing - (Automne 2013 à déterminer) à Boston USA -

The Irish Tradition constitutes the most comprehensive study concerning the role of Irish people in United States. It focuses on the contribution of Irish achievers to all aspects of public life throughout the centuries in America. The Irish diaspora has gradually taken roots in all key sectors of our society. The Industrial Revolution, the overpopulation, and the Potato Famine brought millions of Irish people to take refuge and hence spread throughout the world. These events have made of Ireland a distinctive identity. The involvement of these famous people have had an outstanding imprint on the economic, political and cultural scenes.

The three hundred page biography discusses local and international figures and events mainly in the country. It stresses the achievements of Irish people that marked the history on the regional, national and international scenes. The contribution of numerous Irish architects has influenced nearly all fields of human knowledge: explorers (McLoughlin...), inventors (Fulton, Morse, Holland), religious figures (Hughes...), statesmen (Carroll, Jackson, Grant, Grace, Wilson, Fitzgerald, Curley, Kennedy), manufacturing (Ford, McCormick), banking (Mellon), household products (Procter & Gamble), media (Hearst, McCormick), entertainment (Disney), heritage (Burns) and music (Sir Paul McCartney).

The preceding people and hundreds of others are cited as models in major irish events such as the St. Patrick's parade.

par/by Carl Beaulieu, historien

The Général John de Chastelain
Mrs Lyne Boisvert and M. Carl Beaulieu
Photo © JANVAILé 2006

- 300 pages, 150 illustrations,
- ISBN 978-2-922693-10-0
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