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Author : Carl Beaulieu, historian
Publishing : Automne 2013 - Le Foyer de la Salle Desjardins Maria-Chapdelaine
à Dolbeau-Mistassini

Gilles Bérubé: Architect of Aboriginal
Business Development and Real Estate

Gilles Bérubé : Architect of Aboriginal Business Development and Real Estate is a study that testify the life of a famous and exceptional builder. Derived from the School of Life and from his aboriginal, acadian, english and french cross-breeding, Gilles Bérubé, must be seen as a model shaped according to Louis Riel and John Murdock legacies and therefore constitute one of the most important aboriginal builders in America and Canada.

Within thirty years, he has built and provided to the development of off-reserve aboriginals, a unique voice for housing, economic development and job creation : Waskahegen Corporation.

The latter received with an award from The National Aboriginal Housing Association in 2004. Waskahegen's real estate and industrial property comprises over 2 000 housing units, entreprises in lumbertransformation (Kisis Technologies) and in insulated concrete systems (Polyformes Structures), which worth 175 million dollars. This property, is spread all over 117 cities and municipalities, and generates tens of millions of dollars in economic development for aboriginals: business and job creations as well as thousands of housings.

Besides his aboriginal career, Gilles Bérubé is also a famous construction entrepreneur with commercial and institutional achievements. Since three decades, mostly in partnership with businessman Jacques Lapointe, shopping centers, student dwellings and other major commercial buildings were erected throughout the Quebec province.

This biography studies successes and damages that the builder faced since his modest beginnings.

Discriminated as a aboriginal during his youth at school and in his neighborhood, Gilles Bérubé has took over his life and family's futures. From 14 years old until 28, he was in charge of his family (up to 14 members) with his parents as a lumberman and a forest contractor with St. Lawrence and Chibougamau Lumber enterprises.

For over thirty years, Mr. Bérubé has been an amazing aboriginal business and real estate developer. This book intends to present a human and endearing visionary who play a significant role with successes, initiatives, team-oriented and well-managed approaches. According to a revealing testimony of the first chairman of Waskahegen Corporation, Fernand Chalifoux, which supports talented Gilles Bérubé in 2003 : «I have to underline Mr. Bérubé enormous contribution as Waskahegen's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Some Aboriginal people criticize his leadership and management. However these are important assets, because he leads and supervise masterfully in the name of our people's interests».

Honored for his contribution to Aboriginal development, Gilles Bérubé was awarded in 1992 with the Canadian Confederation Medal and in 2008 with a recognition from the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples for his 35 years devoted to this community. In 2009, he was received as Commander in the Hall of Fame of Entrepreneurship for his overall entrepreneurial initiatives by Heritage Publishing .

Also involved in other aboriginal development organizations, Gilles Bérubé is the cofounder of The National Aboriginal Housing Association and The Native Commercial Credit Corporation. The latter, that was founded with the support of former aboriginal grand chief Max Gros-Louis, was chaired during six years by Mr. Bérubé.
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