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Atelier : 321, de la Pente-Douce Alma QC Canada

Code postal : G8B 1G7

- Tél. : (418) 669-1926


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Acrylique, aquarelle, huile

Courriel : ncoulombe@hotmail.com

A propos de l'artiste

A landscape-artist, Nicole Coulombe paints what she sees, with much respect and skill. Her constant search for new, inspiring subjects has taken her all over the province of Quebec. Her pictorial work thus finds its inspiration in French-Canadian scenery, whether it be along the St. Lawrence seaway in the Charlevoix region, the inland countryside, the majestic fjords of the Saguenay river, or the beautiful Laurentian mountains. Her play with colours gives an impression of movement to her compositions. Nicole’s use of bright colours and her spontaneity of stroke, communicate well her desire to draw her viewers into the scenery.

Born in Lac St. Jean in 1952, this passionate artist has been painting for the past 30 years. She obtains her certificate in art at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and also hosted the Alma art workshop. Nicole is on the selection comity of the symposium ``Place aux artistes Alma``.

Although self-taught, she has had the opportunity to rub shoulders with many well-known painters and has participated in numerous exhibitions all over Quebec. She was selected by the group “Les couleurs du Québec” to represent the province in France and Belgium.

She is represented by the following galleries
Le Vieil Art in Alma, Lac St. Jean, the Michel Boisvert gallery in Baie St. Paul, Québec, and à la Galerie du Presbytère à Berres-les-Alpes en France.

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« L'hiver sur le bord du fleuve » - Acrylique

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